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Automate your sports venue with the complete online resource management system

More bookings. Less hassle

 Clubspark's SmartAccess system is the stress-free way to manage your online bookings, payments, membership, and access.

Secure. Smart. Accessible

Clubspark has partnered with CIA Fire & Security to deliver courts, pitches or fields- whatever your sport; a flexible and reliable access system that gives complete control of your facilities.

With over 30 years' experience, CIA has developed a secure system designed to meet individual venue requirements in an efficient, effective way.

Automate and grow your business without limits.

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Smarter management begins here

Simplify your processes

Set up schedules, booking rules and payments online and then you’re ready to take bookings.

Ensure everyone pays for their time.

Turn casual players into long-term members.

Access Real-time reports and insight

View resource utilisation, facility revenue, booking patterns and more. 

Promote your safe and secure environments

Stop unwanted parties accessing day or night, protecting your players and facilities with SmartAccess gate entry system.

Manage resources for multiple venues from one place.

Full integration with coaching & membership.

Manage your venue remotely

Making it easier for people to book, pay and access your facilities

How it works

Extending the functionality of Clubspark to remotely manage and monitor access and facilities onsite. 

Gate access

Manage multiple gates and entry points. Each gate is fitted with a pin code keypad and proximity reader which connects to the central controller and lock for the gate.

Any successful or unsuccessful attempts to access the venue are fed back to the system.

GA Lights


Floodlighting is configured to turn on when the venues are in use. They also have the ability to allow for different warm-up and cool-down periods. 

LED floodlights can be set to turn on automatically if there’s a booking and when a player accesses the gate. Halogen floodlights can be configured to turn on prior to a booking and stay on if there’s a concurrent booking.

Convenient online booking

Desktop and tablets

Designed and fully responsive to streamline the booking process for any device. Making it easy to book on the go, or at the gate! Your access code is delivered in seconds!

Mobile bookings

Regular players will find it even quicker to book from the mobile app and pay online using their credit card or Apple Pay.

Player bookings made easy...

1. Visit the website, mobile app or kiosk

Every venue is easy to find online or via the mobile app. Book and access instantly.

2. Choose a court and time to play

Select when you want to play or view the schedule to pick a court and time that works for you and pay online.

3. Receive an online access pin code

When your booking is confirmed, you’ll receive a unique pin code for your booking.

4. Access the court

Your access code is valid for the duration of your booking. Simply turn up and type in your code.

5. Start playing!

You're ready to go. Enjoy your game.

Player bookings made easy

1. Visit your venues website or our Booker App

It's quick and easy to find your local venue online or via the mobile app.

2. Choose a time to play

Select when you want to play and pay online.

3. Receive an online access pin code

When your booking is confirmed, you'll receive an email with your unique pin code.

4. Access the venue

Your pin code is only valid for the duration of your booking. Simply turn up and type in your access code and you’re ready to play.

5. Start playing

Enjoy the game!

What our clients are saying

“The combined booking and access mechanism which Clubspark has developed has allowed tennis clubs across Australia to open up their courts to new members and casual players too. As many of our clubs are not manned it made it hard for none members to use the courts even when they were free but with the ClubSpark system, players can turn up, book on line, pay the fee and receive their code to access the courts. It has helped increase both the number of people playing tennis and with the tennis clubs’ revenues – a winner all round!"
Paul Cammack
Director of Participation at Tennis Australia

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