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Creating a group running hub for England Athletics

England Athletics

England Athletics wanted to develop a digital platform where existing runners or those looking to start could easily find fun, friendly and supportive running groups in England.


The Brief

England Athletics approached ClubSpark to help them launch the RunTogether national group running campaign. They required a searchable booking system to integrate into a promotional campaign website which connects run leaders, volunteers, and runners together for safe and social running. The aim of the RunTogether platform is to give anyone of any age or ability who is interested in running, the opportunity to find and join like-minded people and RunTogether near their home or work.

Build up and delivery

We worked with England Athletics on a consultancy basis early on to help shape the RunTogether platform and plan the first release to tight timescales.

In the build-up to launch, we helped prepare their affiliated Run Leaders for the upcoming campaign by facilitating leader registrations, hosting individual and group workshops with a larger workshop taking place at the England Athletics national conference.

Once registered on the platform, Run Leaders create their own run group pages on the RunTogether website where they can set dates and times for runners to meet and run together. Runners can then find these run groups with ClubSpark's advanced location search and booking functionality.


Moving the platform forward

England Athletics' main aim was for RunTogether to continually grow and expand its reach to runners of all types. As part of that, the search functionality was expanded to provide blind runners with an easy way to find and connect with guide runners nearby.

Further functionality improvements included integration of our coach feedback system, where users can give feedback on Run Leaders providing valuable user generated content.


Following the launch in December 2016, RunTogether now has 1200 running groups across Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, London, Sheffield, Leeds, and Nottingham, with over 130,000 registered users.

“The ClubSpark platform has enabled England Athletics, through RunTogether to create an easy to use platform where new and existing runners can find running groups nearby. Following the launch in January RunTogether now has over 1200 running groups using the website across England with already over 130,000 bookings. We are continually working with ClubSpark to improve and expand opportunities to RunTogether, helping provide a safe, friendly and accessible running option for many more people across the country.”
Dan Parkinson
Product Development Manager at England Athletics

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