LTA Participation Campaigns

Introducing more players to the game

Lawn Tennis Association

The LTA commissioned ClubSpark to create a flexible coaching campaign platform so they could create and run searchable participation campaign websites within the ClubSpark platform.


The Brief

To provide LTA registered venues, as a membership benefit, with a suite of management tools to help them grow and sustain their membership in addition to promoting the use and availability of their tennis court through online coaching participation campaigns.


From research conducted by the LTA and working in close relationship, it was clear there was a need to deliver venues, clubs and parks an online system to assist in attracting players and servicing better tennis needs. Where coaches can register and create courses, connect with venues and take payments.

With six campaigns created, these are hosted from one website. Each campaign is created with their own specific branding and booking process which makes the user journey consistent and easy to use.

Multiple campaigns from one integrated platform

Hosting multiple campaigns from one place provides a flexible, scalable and cost-effective method of venue management, to attract new players, retain existing players and increase court utilisation through better court and campaign management.

Tennis for Kids

Tennis for Kids is a free 6-week coaching course packed full of action packed games for kids aged 5-8.

Tennis Tuesdays

Social tennis. Serious fun. A fun social way to play tennis for women.

Advantage Tennis

Adult male only sessions run by professional coaches, training with similar level male players.

Tennis Xpress

Xpress is an easy, fun way for adults to get into the game.

Mini Tennis

Children between 3 and 10-years-old can get stuck into the world of Mini Tennis.

Tennis for Kids campaign

The LTA commissioned ClubSpark to create the Tennis for Kids campaign which launched in the summer of 2016. 

The scheme, which offered a free, lively and fun six-week coaching programme, needed to be rolled out across the country allowing parents the option of using the search function to find their local club or coach who was participating in the Tennis for Kids programme.

During the summer of 2016, 13,200 children were introduced to tennis through the Tennis for Kids campaign with many continuing to play tennis at the end of the course. 

Back bigger and better
The Tennis for Kids campaign launched again in April 2017 and aimed to be bigger and better with 20,000 places, 1044 selected coaches and held at 1020 venues across the country. 


Tennis Tuesdays campaign

ClubSpark also developed the Tennis Tuesdays campaign working closely with their campaign partner at the time, Nike, to promote a fun and inclusive platform which allowed women of all ages and ability to sign up to a local Tennis Tuesdays session. 

The focus of the campaign was to promote that Tennis Tuesdays was about the enjoyment of learning and having fun whatever your standard and to ensure that once signed-up, there was continuous play throughout the summer giving confidence and helping to improve their game. 


More than 3700 women have taken part in Tennis Tuesdays since its launch in April 2015. Sessions are now available at over 100 venues across England, Scotland and Wales as the campaign continues to grow. 


Tens of thousands of people have taken part in LTA participation campaigns since April 2015. The campaigns have continued to grow, with sessions and courses available to join at hundreds of venues across England, Scotland and Wales. Tennis for kids has performed particularly well, taking well over 20,000 bookings in just the first 3 months of the campaign.

A platform for continuous growth

Expanding the reach of tennis

The player, coach and venue relationships developed through these campaigns have seen many coaches and venues build their customer base, making it easier to connect with players and offer them more opportunities to play tennis. Many players have since taken up the game on a regular basis and introduced more friends to the game.

"The LTA Coach Development team promoted ClubSpark to our member coaches in 2016 for the first time and had incredibly positive feedback and strong uptake. Providing coaches with business tools to streamline administration and programme management, so they can focus more on marketing their programme, and quality on-court delivery was simply game-changing for the coaching industry in the UK. ClubSpark has professionalised websites and booking processes across the UK and is future proofing the sport of tennis."
Merlin Van de Braam
Head of Coach Development at the LTA

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