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Tennis Australia

Tennis Australia wanted a product to get more people playing.


The Brief

Tennis Australia identified getting more adults playing tennis as a strategic priority and as such required a new booking solution that incorporates a suite of “Social Play” products aimed at lapsed adult tennis players, those that have never played before and existing tennis players looking for a less formal way to engage with tennis.

The Delivery

Building on the success of the National Book a Court website, Tennis Australia and ClubSpark set out to integrate further tennis products into play.tennis.com.au.

Open Court Sessions and Cardio Tennis were identified as the adult social play products which would meet the needs of Australia's ever-changing sporting landscape and allow consumers to get back into tennis in a relaxed, social environment. It was decided that these two products would be made available alongside Court Hire on the newly rebranded play.tennis.com.au booking website.

A key requirement for Tennis Australia was for consumers to be able to find multiple adult social play products in one search listing, giving them a choice of products to choose from within their search location and chosen time. This allowed consumers to ask the question "What's available near me".

The site also offers the flexibility to search for a specific product or venue as well as manage your bookings.
Venue pages which publish all of a venue's tennis products in one place along with facility and contact information were created in order for clubs to have a central place to direct customers.

Pre-Launch Results

Over 1,000 providers had signed up to run Open Court Sessions pre-launch with more clubs expected to follow suit now the site is live and ready for online bookings.

“As a sport we identified a big opportunity to re-engage lapsed adult tennis players. Many young adults shared the sentiment “I love tennis, I used to play”, however the traditional membership and competition offerings did not suit their lifestyle. This group wanted fun and flexibility. Tennis Australia developed a new social product Open Court Sessions to re-engage these players based around social activity and fun. Players could come to one session or every session, whatever suited their lifestyle. A key component of successful delivery of this project was the digital solution, as it was clear the target audience wanted to search for products in their area, at a time that suited them and on short notice. ClubSpark was able to deliver a digital solution which not only presented our new social product Open Court Session but also incorporated our existing social play offerings Cardio Tennis and Court Hire in one easy to search and book website. The site perfectly met our fun and not so serious brief whilst being easy for our tennis venues to create and add their offerings.”
Ash Block
Digital Product Owner, Tennis Australia

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