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Rachel Matthews
Marketing Manager

Today, smartphones are everywhere, and we’re addicted!

According to a survey conducted by Deloitte, the average smartphone user checks their device at least 47 times a day, 85% (around 41 million people across the UK) own a smartphone and more than half admitted to checking their phone whilst crossing the road!

Many businesses are maximising the opportunity to make day-to-day life actions easier by demonstrating their company app and how easy it is to find and pay for a service.

Today, apps are providing a great business opportunity for the sporting industry. The ease to find, book and pay for a court, saves time and allows players to spend more time playing the sport they love.

The ClubSpark Booker App is the essential court-booking app to help players book their venue anywhere, anytime. The Booker App has made over 214,500 court bookings in under 3 years delivering a simplified online-booking process to existing users and encouraging new customers to register.

Easy-to-use payment.

If you are looking to play after work, organise a friendly match or just want to beat your tennis partner - simply find your venue, choose your court, pick a time and pay – it couldn’t be easier!

Join thousands of players across the country and benefit from the Booker App:
·     Free on iOS and Android
·     Available to all registered ClubSpark users
·     Instantly book a court at your registered venue(s)
·     View upcoming bookings
·     Spend less time booking and more time playing

Download ClubSpark Booker on iOS
Download ClubSpark Booker on Android

For more information on our Booker App, please get in touch with our Customer Service Team.

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