Administrator Enhancements & Email Logs Updates

New Features
Rachel Matthews
Marketing Manager

Administrator Dashboard, Contact Module and Email Enhancements

As we are now fully embracing this autumnal weather, our team has delivered some rich new features this month. Check out what we have been up to.

Venue Dashboard

We know that when it comes to reporting and looking at ways to improve your venue or business, there’s less time to look through mountains of spreadsheets to see what’s working and what isn’t. So, we are pleased to share version 1 of the venue dashboard. This will allow you to evaluate the most effective actions you need to take to increase strategies which ultimately drive growth.

As your venue or business continues to grow, these new statistics and tools will help you to pinpoint where you need to focus your attention. Giving you more information, you can view live data including revenue, bookings, and utilisation to get a great overview of where your venue or business is sitting. Version 2 will roll out in the new year with further enhancements and functionalities.

Global Contact Search

You now have the accessibility to search for your contacts within any page of your admin area.
This search bar is located in the blue banner at the top of your page view and will return a drop-down list of matching records for you to select.


Users can now view a history of sent emails. This includes searchable headers, email type, date order, subject, and status. You access this through the email icon in the top navigation bar within the admin area.

Recipients Enhancement 

We have enhanced the email sending process. You are now able to view who you are sending emails to. This will enable you to see correct email addresses or any duplicates within your database. Click here to view the support guide. 

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