Venue, Event and Website Module Updates

New Features
Rachel Matthews
Marketing Manager

Take Online Payments For Custom Competitions, Enchantments To Your Member's Contacts Profile & More

Online Payments for Competition Events
We've launched functionality to allow online payments for competition events. Activate this from your events details page where you will also see a new payment tab showing all online payments and the ability to process refunds. 

Read how to activate online payments

Uploading Assets in Website Manager
A central file library has been developed so you can store and upload documents and images to your websites. You will have the ability to upload as many images as you desire in the body of web pages and downloadable documents. 

Read how to upload images & documents.

Enhanced Junior Profiles
Parents and guardians have become easier to identify for junior contacts. Add, edit or remove parents/guardians from a new panel within a juniors profile. You can now also email your junior contacts via their connected parent or guardian. 

Read how to email your junior contacts.

We are continuing to implement improvements to consents and privacy policies.
You now have the ability to add up to 10 consents and upload your own privacy policies. Users must confirm they have read and accepted the policy before proceeding to the platform.

Read how to add and edit your consents.

Deleting contacts has just got easier! We have introduced new functionality so you can select multiple contacts at once to bulk delete.

Contacts are archived for 30 days before being permanently deleted. This allows you the ability to restore them back to active if you had made a mistake. 

A ‘last active date’ and ‘account created date’ are new columns that have been added to the contacts module to make it easier for you to identify which contacts should be deleted based on your data retention policy.

Read how to delete your contacts.

Advanced Bookings Times 
Preset your own advanced open-booking times. Now you can determine what time you would like to allow your players to book courts in advance. 

Venue Enhancements 
Venues now have the ability to link coaching courses, sessions, and camps across other venues and have the ability to split junior and adult coaching which can be displayed across separate tabs on a website. If you would like these features enabled, please contact our support team.

For further support, make sure you check out our support guides.

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