Coaching Updates, Online Payments & More!

New Features
Rachel Matthews
Marketing Manager

Well… What a month it has been! We are excited to share with you our latest release – and it’s a good one!!

ClubSpark is continuing on updating the platform to provide you with a better user experience than ever before.

What’s New?


The first change has been implemented with consents to account registration. These are now opt-in consents that are in line with GDPR requirements and we are working on making venue consents compliant for the March release. More in-depth information on GDPR will be available shortly.

Simpler Communications with Email Attachments

As we build more advanced capabilities into the platform, we have rolled out an enhancement allowing you to communicate with your members more effectively. You can now upload files or documents as attachments to send with your contacts.

Online Payments for Membership

Improve your venues financial management! Clubs and venues, you now have the ability within your membership packages to offer your players payment by either credit or debit card.

Coaching Team Management 

We’ve developed a few new features for coaches this month!
You can create coaching teams for your organisation, give coaches roles e.g. head coach, coach or assistant coach, and assign them to various courses. This also includes the ability to see if a coach has an LTA accreditation and if they are qualified for the Tennis for Kids programme.

Coaching Sessions

Online payments got easier! Coaches now have the capability to send online payment requests for players that have been added to their courses in the admin area.

Customise your own Competitions

Wanting to host and run your own competitions? Through our events module, you can now create and customise your own venues events or competitions!

We also have some improved features... 

Holiday Camps 

You now have the ability to extend a member discount percentage up to 100%.

For Parents and Players

Parents and players can now view any course and session bookings within their own ‘your courses’ section of their bookings page.

15 Minute Bookings

In addition to the existing 30, 40, 45 and 60 booking durations, you now have the option of selecting 15-minute slot durations.

Check out your admin area for more detailed descriptions around the new features.

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