Membership Success With Windsor Lawn Tennis Club

Customer Stories
Rachel Matthews
Marketing Manager

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Many venues and coaches trust ClubSpark to manage their business. Windsor Lawn Tennis Club got in touch with us to talk about their membership module success.

"We have found the ClubSpark membership module stress-free and easier to use over paperwork and spreadsheets! In the past, we had a lot of stages we had to go through, whereas now, this time has been significantly reduced. We discovered how user-friendly this module is, which has led to our income increasing with new members joining. 

With the ability to charge players per month and spread out payments – this unexpected benefit has made our financial management easier to manage. 

If you are thinking about using the membership module…do it, it is definitely worthwhile! Online payments are effortless to manage over cash and cheques - which we are now looking to phase out - it’s automatic and gets the money in quicker!

We have feedback to ClubSpark what features we would like to see further developed and look forward to seeing the platform expand throughout the year".

Jason Gill 
Membership Secretary
Windsor Lawn Tennis Club

We'd love to hear from you too - if you have had great success with using ClubSpark, get in touch and let us know!

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