Group Court Booking & Guest Fees Updates

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Alex Young

Introducing Group Court Booking, Guest Fees and Coaching Updates

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, knowing who is playing at your venue is more important than ever. We are introducing new functionality for the booking sheet to help the contact tracing effort to ensure that anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 will be able to find other players who could have been affected. 

Group Booking & Guest Fees

The new Group Bookings feature allows admins and members of the public to enter in the details of all the participants that will be joining them on court at the point of booking. Booking administrators will have full visibility on who was booked at the venue at any one time.
Fees can be set for Members and Guests alongside any court and lighting fees you may have set within your Schedules, which will be paid for at the point of booking.

Minimum Court Booking Slots

Venues can now set a minimum booking slot to ensure that players will play for at least a specific duration of time. You can set this up within your Basic Settings

Retrospective Court Bookings and Bulk Cancelling

Admins also have greater flexibility to manage their booking sheets, with the ability to retrospectively book courts for players at any point in the past for any missed bookings, as well as bulk cancelling bookings. 

Coaching Module Updates

Coaches will be able to create Short or Recurring courses that take place over multiple days of the week, with a new Day of the Week selecter on the course creation page.

Recurring courses can now also have a set end date, to give greater control over the length of a recurring course. 

All custom short and recurring adult coaching course can now appear with LTA Rally. You can set this up when creating an adult coaching course.

We’re continuing to work on new functionality for the Clubspark platform, so keep an eye out on some more great features we have in the pipeline by following us on Social Media.

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