Duplicating Memberships and Website Manager Updates

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Rachel Matthews
Marketing Manager

Exporting Data, Emails, GDPR and Duplicating Memberships

Your Membership module can now do even more!

We’ve listened to your feedback – the ability to duplicate membership packages and export all your membership data is now available along with more platform enhancements to enhance your success. 

Time to Duplicate

We know you are excited to see this feature roll out. You can duplicate both fixed and date of purchase memberships and import your existing members in one easy step. This will make managing your memberships that little bit easier and is without a doubt a big timesaver! - read how.

You will also notice that the membership module has had a visual update. You can now view your packages across two tables, making it visually clearer for you to manage your packages.  

Export your Data

Yes, that’s right. We know you have been asking for this one, and it’s here! You can now export all data from within the membership module into a CSV download.


To be compliant with GDPR your venue consents must be opt-ins. We’ve made this change for you and updated the wording of your consents to reflect this, so you don’t have to do a thing!

Your contacts can now view all your consents under their ‘your account section’ and make changes to their preferences. If you add a new consent you can send them here to opt in.

For more information, check out the step-by-step guides on changing consents, how to ask your contacts for consents and how users can update their profile.

Juniors - we’ve got you covered too!

You can now mark a contact as a junior via their profile. This is displayed in your membership tables so you can easily identify who your juniors are. We’ll automatically update all your contacts who are a part of junior and child membership packages, or under 17s within family packages.

You asked we Listened...

Getting Creative in Website Manager

You now have the ability to customise your own page tabs within website manager. It’s that easy!

Your Email

The ‘ClubSpark’ reference has been removed from within the email subject line which gives you more personalisation when sending emails to your players.

We know that these personal enhancements make a big difference!

Check out your admin area for more detailed descriptions of the new features.
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