Ending 2017 On A High Note

New Features
Rachel Matthews
Marketing Manager

Ending 2017 on a high note, now check out what we have coming in 2018

We’ll take a look back at what we have accomplished over this past year, and project ourselves into the year ahead with strong product enhancements for

2017 saw us delivering exciting features to the platform, from new dashboards to email logs and the launch of holiday camps. We pride ourselves on listening to our user requests and building these into development. While we are unable to deliver all requests at the same time, every request has been taken on board and worked further to a bigger development plan to ensure we are creating a platform that works for you.

Hitting 2018, our goals are ambitious! However, at the heart of who we are is a desire to push all limits within technology and sports participation, delivering you a platform which allows you to reclaim the time to spend on things that matter the most.

We plan to review how we promote related content, opt-in opportunities for
e-communications and improvements to our overall support experience, with helpful guides and video tutorials.

Here is a snapshot of what you have to look forward to in 2018!

Over the past few months, we have focused on our tech platform and improved loading time.
In 2018, we will be adding new functionalities to the coaching app, improving the management process and usability. 

Video is an integral part of supporting our tutorial and customer support. In 2017, we started to create support guides to help answer your frequently asked questions, and in 2018 we aim to grow this - bringing a more interactive approach to our support site.

Take the stress out of the new year with our SmartAccess system - the online management system that manages your venue for you. With lighting control and gate access, this will allow you to get back on the court and leave the admin to the platform. Head over to SmartAccess and read about how your venue can get connected.

Alongside these are improvements to email functionality, ability for discounts and new levels of reporting to be rolled out.

Keep up-to-date with details of feature launches and how we can encourage you to keep active, so - expect to see lots more of ClubSpark throughout the year!


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